ZZCI has a vision to become a leading alternative investment management group and has a mandate to invest in companies from both China and overseas. This means that we take very seriously our responsibility to ensure the highest possible standards in responsible and sustainable investment.

It is important for ZZCI that the companies in which we invest, and the way in which they operate their businesses, maintain the highest possible ESG standards not only in their own businesses, but also across their supply chains.

ZZCI complies with all current Hong Kong Stock Exchange requirements and is preparing for full disclosure on all ESG policies and practices. We will report our policies and practices covering:

  • Emissions
  • Use of resources
  • The environment and natural Resources
  • Employment
  • Health and Safety
  • Development and Training
  • Labour Standards
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Community Investment
Corporate Governance:

The board of ZZCI is comprised of a highly experienced executive management team as well as a strong group of internationally-experienced Independent Non-Executive Directors. The executive and non-executive members of the board draw on decades of international experience to ensure that ZZCI follows best practice in all matters of corporate governance. The Company has fully complied with the code provisions of the Corporate Governance Code as set out in Appendix 15 of the GEM Listing Rules.